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The Secret to a Great Website
You know that a great online business starts with a targeted, memorable domain name — it's your address on the web.

Date: 2007-12-05

Don't Get Banned For Paid Links!
Google has officially announced that selling links is a linking scheme and outlines what is considered bad for your site and what is considered acceptable when it comes to advertising on your blog.

Date: 2007-11-27

Mail Easy with Mailstation 2
"I mail out promotional flyers and invoices. The last thing I need is to run out of postage when I do my mail at night. With mailstation 2™ digital mailing system I don’t have to worry, I can easily refill postage online or by phone.”

Date: 2007-11-12

The Complete Guide To Using Words Correctly On Your Sites
When optimizing your website, it is generally expected that your pages need to have certain keyword density to be ranked with the search engines.

Date: 2007-11-06

Small Businesses -- Generate Leads and Close More Deals
Looking for ways to generate leads and close more deals? Want to know how businesses like yours are attracting and tracking Website visitors and ensuring consistent follow-up?

Date: 2007-10-31

Usability Tips For Login And My Account Pages
Sites that require users to log in to access certain information and/or purchase products add an additional layer of potential complication to the usability process.

Date: 2007-10-23

Links Range from Good to Bad to Ugly
As a site owner, it’s important to devote what link building time you have to creating connections that count – really count – as far as search engine spiders are concerned.

Date: 2007-10-05

Duplicate Content Due To URL Parameters
It is true that URL parameters, like session IDs or tracking Ids, can be the reason behind duplicate content. This was revealed by Google itself. Google explained that, "when user and/or tracking information is stored through URL parameters, duplicate content can arise because the same page is accessible through numerous URLs."

Date: 2007-09-13

Let The Domain Drive
Domainers have been enjoying some additional attention these days, and that extends to a session at SES San Jose 2007 where they discussed tips the power of the domain address bar.

Date: 2007-08-20

Design Your Way To Higher Conversions
During the design phase of building a website all too often we find that the end result is really nothing more than what somebody decided "looked good".

Date: 2007-08-06

Mailing Made Easy by Pitney Bowes
Print postage on letters and packages right from your office. Save time and money while you're at it. Enjoy the convenience of a digital postage meter and avoid the hassle of going to the post office.

Date: 2007-07-26

Building A Site - Like Building A House
At Agency Fusion we're fortunate to have some really great clients. For us, a great client is one who appreciates our experience and recognizes our expertise.

Date: 2007-07-24

Linkbait Techniques - Reel In Rankings
One of the fastest-growing social media tactics is linkbait, content that draws audiences to a Web site through blogs, news sites and social media portals.

Date: 2007-07-16

Why We Care About Usability & Accessibility
"Every day another light bulb goes off in someone's head when they wake up and realize that what they've been doing isn't enough to count. Once, when I watched SiteLogic's Matt Bailey present to a search engine marketing conference audience what their optimized web...

Date: 2007-07-03

Good Domain Names Get The Most Traffic
"The smartest investment we have made is purchasing from BuyDomains. And we hear it all the time from our customers from around the world."

Date: 2007-06-22

Search Friendly Vs Search Optimized
Last month Stoney DeGeyter wrote an excellent post about the differences between developing a site to be search engine friendly and one that has been optimized for search engines.

Date: 2007-06-19

Taking Usability Up A Notch
According to Jakob Nielsen, web usability testing is now in its 14th year. Testing itself, as you know, is as old as time. How many humans suffered from upset stomachs before they finally tested and figured out that ginger settles things down?

Date: 2007-06-12

LookSmart, The Power To Acquire More Customers
With CPCs being driven up and customer service down, we must find alternatives online in order to compete, survive and thrive in today’s Pay-Per-Click search marketing environment.

Date: 2007-06-06

Targeting Your Audience
Over the past couple of years I've been quietly developing a series of small and unambitious news sites. Even before I'd heard of the internet I've toyed with running an independent press, and while my current endeavours at targeted in commercial...

Date: 2007-06-05

Conversion Rate Optimization: Google Takes The Leading Role
Within the e-commerce sphere, the "mind games" between site owners and search engine designers have focused on search engine optimization (SEO).

Date: 2007-05-22

Using The H1 Tag
Some are not aware that there's a h1 tag. Some use is as they please. Others try to think what makes the most sense and act accordingly. Let's see what is the best way to use the h1 heading tag on your website to appease both the humans and the search engines.

Date: 2007-05-07

Define, Test, Measure, Repeat - Successful Blogging
I met The key to success in blogging, whether you want to make money, gain more subscribers, or increase visitor engagement is to constantly test new strategies.

Date: 2007-04-24

Pull Your Site Out Of The Supplemental Index
I met Krishna De in Cork last month. She gave a fantastic presentation on marketing and leveraging the Internet to achieve your business goals. In fact, without prejudice to any of the other speakers, I found that Krishna's topic area was of the most interest to me.

Date: 2007-04-10

Improving Your Blog Karma
Whether you believe in karma or not, making your blog a success often has a lot to do with a series of seemingly disconnected events. Every post you make, person you contact or comment you leave adds to the sum total of your efforts in the...

Date: 2007-03-28

Links - The Grammar Of The Web
Linking is the foundation of every quality website. Everything starts with the link. You build from the link, not from the sentence. Read the following paragraph and try to identify how it should be dealt with in terms of links...

Date: 2007-03-05

Traffic Building: The Experience Sieve
Driving traffic to your site may be a matter of simply knowing what you're talking about. There is a high demand for experts. If you have learned a great deal about a certain subject you can bet there are those who want to tap into your knowledge base.

Date: 2007-02-12

Using Robots.txt To Prevent Search Indexing
Sometimes there are parts of your website you don't want accessed by the search engines - for any number of reasons, like sensitive private data, articles that require subscriptions - whatever.

Date: 2007-01-29

Make Your Content is the most popular bookmarking service on the web. By getting on the popular or hotlist page you could get thousands of visitors coming to your website within minutes.

Date: 2007-01-15

Blogs - The Emotional Description
One topic that often comes up in conversations about blogging is how do you define a blog. Answering the question invariably includes a description of the attributes a website must have in order for it to be a blog:

Date: 2007-01-03

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