Click-Through Rate (CTR) is Not a Google Ranking Factor

August 2, 2016

"I think we can establish that CTR is not a direct ranking signal for Google. At the same time, it can have an indirect effect," said Eric Enge in a recent video (below) they posted on their marketing website Stone Temple Consulting.

"Lots of people clicking on a certain result might indicate a real interest in it, and that might mean it's a better result than the result above it. Notice I said might there. That will be important later. Anyway, many people have assumed that search engines like Google would use such a signal, of course, bouncing it off against other signals that it uses in ranking."

So with that answer, one wonders why isn't then CTR a ranking signal? Primarily because Google has told us they don't, commented Enge. He noted that it's simply too easy to game and that it doesn't necessarily mean the user was satisfied with the result. Google uses it internally for studying search behavior but it is not a ranking signal.

He provided this chart in a recent blog post. Enge wrote another article about CTR as a (non) ranking factor here.
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