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Google Unveils ‘Next Generation’ of AdSense Ads

By SmallSiteNews Staff

April 29, 2016

Google announced a new family of ad formats, which it refers to as “Adsense’s next generation ads.” They’re called Page-level ads and are starting with two specific formats: anchor/overlay and vignette.

The ads are optimized so that they appear when they’re most likely to perform well for your site while giving users a good experience. You just have to place the ad code once on each page. You can adjust the settings in your account and enable new ad formats without having to change the code. The formats also mean more ads on your site that don’t even count towards your AdSense per page ad limit.

AdSense product manager Matthew Conroy said, “With Page-level ads, you place the same ad code once on each page that you want to show ads. They’re designed to show automatically at the right time and in the right format – potentially increasing your earnings without interfering with your users’ mobile experience.”

While there are only two Page-level ad formats available today, [...]

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