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The Two Questions to Answer Before Building a Community for your Business

By David Spinks

February 17, 2016

When someone asks for advice for how to build a community for their business I always start by asking the same two questions:

  • Why is community valuable to your business?

  • Why is community valuable to your potential community members?

  • I think those are the most important two questions that a business has to answer. And it’s scary how often they don’t even think about it before they start building their community.

    Why is community valuable to your business?
    At the end of the day you’re building a business and your community has to achieve your business goals. So before you start building a community you have to understand exactly what those business goals are.

    Where will community fit into your business? Will it drive acquisition? Product feedback? Support? Customer success? Content?

    Take it further. How will you tie community back to the bottom line? How will it drive revenue or reduce costs?

    Get as specific as possible before you get started, not after.

    Why is community [...]

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