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October 21, 2014
Danny Brown Redefining Ordinary or Why It's Okay to Dream Small
By Danny Brown
Sometimes, in business, we wait for the extraordinary to appear before we make a move.

We wait for that one killer application or solution that will take us from Brand X to Brand Everyone Wants a Piece Of. We close doors on ordinary ideas because only extraordinary will sell.

But what defines ordinary?

Cancer research takes ordinary science and medicine and is trying to offer extraordinary life-changing results.

While we have digital tools to write our missives, it's still the ordinary pen that's used for our most personal thoughts. Thoughts that have the potential to turn the world on its head if [...]

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Don't chase the buzz: why clickbait titles hurt your business.
We all can recognize a clickbait title. If you don't, just go to or other news aggregation sites' front pages. Clickbait titles are sensationalist at best, often ridiculous, and sometimes dangerously misleading. "Pop star (or politician) admits to being half-alien!" "Dead actress's unclothed image appears on tortilla!" "Use this easy trick with your ear wax to lose weight!"

Yes, clickbait is all over the web, and it is embarrassing to be compelled admit having actually clicked [...]
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