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February 11, 2014
Jim Connolly Want to attract more clients? This will help. A lot.
By Jim Connolly
I'm a marketing guy. So, why do I help my clients develop genuinely great products and services?

  • People queue around the block, when a genuinely great product is launched.

  • People book weeks or months in advance, to secure their spot at a genuinely great restaurant.

  • People pay 500% more, to hire a genuinely great designer, accountant, trainer or coach, etc.

  • The most successful business owners focus mainly on making their product or service genuinely great. It's an enjoyable, rewarding way to grow an amazing business. [...]

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    Back before radio, TV and certainly before all these online platforms, the best orator won the argument, the [...]
    You've read all the blogs and advice telling you that content is the best way to market your business on line. Religiously, you've followed all the advice of the experts, generated loads of content, created your own content [...]
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