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August 20, 2013
Jon Greer 6 Tips for Making Your Content More Shareable
By Jon Greer
I’ve been writing pithy columns like these for a long time. And there will always be a place for short-form writing, as well as longer articles and stories, whether it is published on the Internet, on paper or both. But on the Internet, time is money. The basic user interface – touchscreens and mouse-based navigation – means that the user is an impulse away from getting bored with your content and moving on.

You can bemoan this fact, or you can adapt. Given the Internet’s Darwinian nature, the winners have either pioneered the new methods, or they’ve adapted. Everyone else is either catching up or has their head in the proverbial sand. I imagine this period is like the time a century ago when businesses broadly adopted telephones for communication. Can’t you just hear a starched-shirt and bearded boss insisting that he would continue to communicate with customers by written letter and not be bothered with this newfangled and crude device? This is another time like that. [...]

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• Do something worth talking about.

• Make it as easy as possible for people to share it.

• And if you want people to know it’s YOUR business that’s being talked about, get YOUR name into the story.

It’s that final step, which I want to share with you today. [...]
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