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How To Optimize Your PDF Files for SEO
[2009-12-01] Another great way to create content for SEO purpose is the use of PDF files. Google spider can crawl and index the text on a PDF file. Here are some reasons why its great for SEO:

Making Your Site Optimized For Mobile Devices
[2009-10-19] We have obviously moved into the era of mobile now and to help websites transition their content to mobile, Google has put together a great article on how to speed up the mobile web.

Helping Those Who Help Promote Your Site
[2009-10-06] Search Engine Optimization can be confusing at times. Therefore, we recently started compiling a series of search engine optimization tips. This is tip number 30 in the series. Each search engine optimization tip is generally very specific, should not take a long time to fix or perform, and is rather "short and sweet" and directly to the point. For search engine optimization tip 30, let's talk a little bit about promoting those who link to you.

Optimizing Your Site For Mutiple Local Locations
[2009-09-22] A recent question from an SEO forum asking about if you have a local business with multiple location. How do you optimize for those separate locations? The best approach is to have separate pages within the same domain. An example would be

Professional Marketing For Your Small Site
[2009-09-10] I was recently talking with an aspiring copywriter friend of mine who's struggling to get his first clients. He thinks he keeps hitting the wall of not having a portfolio of writing samples in hand. But really, he doesn't need a big portfolio of client work�He just needs to get his own marketing act together.

Checking Your Organic Linking Still Matters In SEO
[2009-08-25] One of the huge hurdles of starting any SEO campaign is knowing what keywords you are going to target. Keyword tools are a dime a dozen and we've all used them. But the biggest problem that they all have is that they can't show conversion data (obviously).

Getting Your Site Into The Top Ranks Of Alexa
[2009-08-10] Alexa is a subsidiary company of typically known for its rankings of websites. The Alexa Toolbar collects data on the web browsing behavior of those who have it installed. That data is then used for its rankings of the top 500 websites and showing traffic details of sites like mine.

Measuring Your Site's Analytics Velocity
[2009-07-27] For many types of systems and measurements, the rate of change is more important than the actual measure. In physics, g-force is a function of acceleration not speed - no matter how fast you are traveling, you feel at rest as long as your speed doesn't change. In the world of business, stock traders often focus on "momentum" - how rapidly a stock or market price is moving up or down.

When To Upgrade Your Site For Better Compliance
[2009-07-14] Today is National Form Awareness Day and the government is requesting that you check your Web site forms. OK, I just made that up.

Using Link Building To Reach The SEO Top
[2009-06-29] Link Building is a fundamental skill for SEO practitioners, but many go about it in ways that could hurt their long term ranking benefit.

Giving Online Visitors The Ability To Search Locally
[2009-06-16] The Internet has opened the door to a huge global audience for any organization advertising products or services. But what if your target audience is a local one? Two of the most popular Internet search engines have developed tools that give online visitors the ability to perform local searches, so they can find exactly what they're looking for nearby.

Tips For Small Website Twittering Success
[2009-06-02] Many of us on Twitter take it for granted that getting up and running is a breeze, however, many potential corporate users are still craving more information on how/where they should start. Here's a basic introduction for corporate Twitter users with 10 useful tips on getting started.

How To Create And Launch Products In ClickBank
[2009-05-21] Well college is done for the semester, and with that comes a load of free time for me to expand my business.  With this comes many different ideas for websites, but the biggest point of emphasis for me will be the book I am creating called Weekend Marketing.

Finding The Best Keywords To Use On Your Site
[2009-05-12] When you own an online business one of the most important things you can do is get high rankings in the search engines. There are many ways of doing this. One of the most effective ways of getting your site noticed by the search engines is by using relative keywords.

How To Sucessfully Request A Site Reconsideration
[2009-04-28] The latest in our SEMVideo series is a video from Google which gives viewers some tips on how to create a good reconsideration request.

Adding Value By Reacting Now
[2009-04-14] "Business time" means getting the right information quickly enough to add value now. On the web, data from last quarter is a lifetime ago with respect to visitor behavior. So, companies need to get their hands on key behavior patterns now, even at the deepest levels. They need to answer questions like:

Should Web Developers Still Focus On IE6?
[2009-03-31] Developing websites to look right in all browsers can be a pain. Many people aren't aware that browser manufacturers often deviate from established web standards, which means developers have to do extra work to make a site look the same in all browsers.

Test Your Website Changes Via Website Optimizer
[2009-03-17] The latest Google Official Blog post talks about website testing and its benefits to intelligent site designing. It is a hands-on process of checking whether a website meets the basic design specifications and usability or not. In contrast to the old days, when most website changes were made on gut feeling , now, you can run a test on your website and let your visitors decide the best version for your webpage.

How Copyrights Translate Online
[2009-03-03] The Internet content economy is like the candy rack when you were a kid. You know what I mean. You content-thiefcovet that bag of Skittles but you're caught a little short on funds that day. So to feed your candy habit you sneak a bag out of the store. You know you broke the law but it seemed so innocent and what the heck, every kid deserves a bag of Skittles now and then right?

Using Inner Circle Strategies To Win SEO
[2009-02-17] If only Google would sit still for one moment! The job of the SEO would be so much easier :) As we all know, the last thing Google wants to do is make life easy for SEOs, so we'll just have to live with the constant change. One of the biggest changes SEOs have had to adapt to in recent times has been algorithm shifts that reward big players.

Four Issues That May Be Penalizing Your Site
[2009-02-03] Last month, we discussed about some of the ways to find out whether your site has been penalized by Google or not. According to Search Engine Journal, Google is planning to apply few filters to those websites that fail to follow their Terms Of Services.

Increase Your Site Traffic With Social Search Engines
[2009-01-19] There are many reasons to search social media including monitoring for brand and reputation management purposes. Smart online marketers have also been using social search for other reasons including competitive research and opportunistic content marketing through social keyword trends.

Understanding Bounce Rates
[2009-01-06] Last night I posted about what Google has to say on SEO and bounce rates.   You can  view the post here. A great question was posted by Wilson: "David, I was wondering, why Google want to have two different answer for the bounce rates�? "

Getting Google Analytics On Your Site
[2008-12-16] Google Analytics is a powerful traffic reporting system that will provide insight on how people find your Web site and how they behave once they get there. It's a required component of any Web marketing strategy.

Know Where to Place Your Keywords for Maximum Visibility
[2008-12-02] I had a person in my office the other day looking to improve their Web site and their search engine visibility.

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